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Chiang Khan Story

     “Chiang Khan Story” will take you back to the time when people did not confine themselves in social network. It’s the time when people value love more than hatred.

      Set in 1970s in Chiang Khan district of Loei. Tookae (Jirayu La-ongmanee), a movie lover from Chiang Khan, has sweet boyhood memories of a girl named Paeng (Chontida Asavahame). Tookae later works with a movie crew in Bangkok on a film starring Paeng, who has become the actress. Though Paeng appears to be out of his league, Tookae doesn’t give up on his dreams of being with her.


Yuthlert Sippapak
Yuthlert Sippapak


  • Chanikan Tangkabodee
  • Chontida Asavahame
  • Jirayu La-ongmanee
  • Nattapat Nimjirawat