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At a lonely hilltop sect. On a gloomy day and heavy rain, six people in black gathered, led by Madam. An old woman with white hair and a formidable face. They did some mysterious rituals with a mysterious corpse as the target, but they did not know that the ritual had awakened an uninvited stranger into the house. And after that, the extreme horror began. Everyone is faced with an unpredictable evil spirit who, when, and how it will possess, and it does not possess only to scare away. But what they wanted the most was to reside here, holding the soul of someone here.


Wisit Sasanatieng
Wisit Sasanatieng


  • Ananda Everingham
  • Natthaweeranuch Thongmee
  • Ploy Sornarin
  • Tarika Tidatid

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